Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Smell is one of the most important senses, it’s proven to be linked to the memory and feelings part of the brain.

Science has shown that humans are actually able to recall 35% of smells and associate them to particular memories or situations.

Compare this to our capability of only being able to recall 5% of what we read. That’s why the olfactory marketing / scent marketing is gaining more ground within corporate marketing strategies.

The marketing of smell is relatively new, because until recently, ads with aromas used to be exclusive to the fragrance industry and cosmetics. Increasingly though many businesses in a wide range of sectors are investing their marketing budgets in to scent marketing, aiming to attract customers and also gain a competitive advantage in the market.

All major casinos, hotels and shopping malls in the US know the power of scent.

Scent can increase impulse shopping, it makes players stay longer on the casino tables. Customers spend more time in the malls boutique shops and restaurants. More time spend can mean more money spend, surely customers prefer to talk about a nice scented mall or shop rather than a normal store.

Slowly the POWER OF SCENT is coming to Asia and we already see major shopping malls in Singapore and Japan getting into scenting to increase shoppers spending and to become known as the NICE MALL.

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  1. By creating a scent trail or a “silage”, the potential client is 52% more likely to follow the scent trail to your booth. Once the consumer has the aroma, (consciously or not) there is an average of 27 seconds that they will be added to the customer experience by stopping and focusing at your product. We also have recorded a potential customer once engaged, is 32% more likely to purchase or enquire about the product that is connected to the scent.

    The scent trick – use a scent that works on the direct principles of scent marketing – do-not add an aroma (such as) popcorn when your selling car parts – make the connection.

    We are offering a Scented webinar (Jan 22) on scent marketing if your interested in learning how to scent your store. noseknowsconsulting.com