Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clean air starts in your home - AIR PURIFIERS, AIR CLEANERS

In a highly polluted city like Manila we need to take care of the air we breathe where ever we can. We can start with our home to give clean air to our family.
AOM`s air purifier AA200 is perfect for your baby, children bed or play room to give them clean air day and night. The unit is silent, it has several speed options and is remote control or touch screen operated.

The AA200 is a compact air purifier suitable for up to 30sqm areas. It has 5 cleaning stages.


For larger areas we recommend the SA9500 unit.

Power full unit with coverage area of 100 sqm, 10 filters and thirteen cleaning stages.


Air & Odor Management sales office
conservatory building. 605 Shaw boulevard, Mandaluyong city. Tell: 717 0884, 390 4040

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ambient Scenting for your home

AirQ-100 Adjustable Scent Diffusing System.
Before only available for 5-star hotels and casinos. Now you can have the same technology in your own home!

Transform your interior ambience.
AirQ is fully adjustable, safe and eco-friendly scent diffusing system that eliminates all kinds of malodors and delivers the fresh scent of your choice. AirQ was created expressly to replace other old-fashioned, low performance air fresheners that often pose health, ecological and safety risks.

With choice over 20 different scents to chose from.
Create a fresh and clean environment using, cucumber mint, enchanted apple, refreshing lavender, fresh water or fresh cotton.
Exciting and uplifting; pink grape fruit, mojito or mandarin zest.
Bring the 5-star hotel experience in your home; lotus flower, rose&peony or citrus tea.
Give your home the Spa feeling using; relaxing, balancing scents.

AirQ-100 is easy to install. With 50 scent level options and a fully programable on board computer you just set it once and your space will transform into a luxury hotel. Every day!

AirQ uses patented technology of diffusing the scent making the essential oil used come out the diffuser as micro droplets.
Micro droplets are 1 million times smaller than conventional aerosol droplets making them lighter then air and float in your room for up to 14 hours.

AirQ-100 with 1 scent cartridge P 14,900
AirQ-100 with 2 scent cartridges P17,900

Additional cartridge cost P2,900
With every day use for 12 hours daily each scenting cartridge can last anywhere from 1 month up to 1 year depending the size of room and levels set.

For more information or purchase please visit:

Air & Odor Management sales office
605 Shaw boulevard, conservatory building
tel: 717 0884, 390 4040

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hotel Scenting

Ambient scenting in the lobby area of Manila`s oldest 5 star hotel.

Room scenting of Resort World Manila`s Maxims hotel - Royal Villas & Presidential suites

Electrostatic Kitchen air cleaner installed

Bistecca is a new upscale restaurant in Rockwell center.

Pepper Lunch Greenbelt 5 & Powerplant mall outlets

Air & Odor Management installed the AK30 kitchen air cleaner.

Kitchen air cleaners keep the exhaust ducting clean of grease build up. Grease build up in the exhaust ducting is the #1 cause of fires.

The unit collects up to 10 liter of oil every month in the oil tray to prevent grease build up in exhaust ducting.

Air & Odor Management is the only company in the Philippines that has electrostatic air cleaners
Read about how it works in the website