Monday, December 28, 2009

AOM Electrostatic Kitchen Air Cleaner


Care for Clean Air? Care for fire protecting your restaurant/hotel kitchen, care for protecting your lively hood?

The grease pollutants build-up in the ducts, blower, roof are highly flammable and frequently cause fires.

AOM`s kitchen air cleaner collects the oil that comes from cooking, frying and grilling.

No more oil build up of grease in your exhaust ducting. AOM`s kitchen air cleaner collects the cooking oils and cleans the air going out of the building up to 95%

AK-30, AK-50 kitchen air cleaners:

Oil/grease collected monthly in the oil pan is between 2 - 10 liters

All filters are washable and easy to clean and maintain.

Learn more about the AK kitchen air cleaners and call our offices.

Singapore office, tell: 67434222
Manila office, tell: 490 3030

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

We care for the Air you Breathe!

Besides scenting Air & Odor Management has a full range of air purifiers for home use also larger units for office, smoking areas, grills, hotels, etc.

The AA200 is a nice compact unit that cleans the air efficiently up to 30sqm.
It has a HEPA + Silver Ions filter, Carbon filter, Fresh Air Ionizer, UV lamp sterilizer, Photocatalyst deodorant filter.

Remote controlled and silent use, this unit is recommended to use in master bedroom, children`s room, small office etc.
You and your children will sleep better, deeper and wake up more refreshed!
AA200 (Selling in the Philippines at P12,500)

SA9500 has 10 filters and 13 cleaning stages, making this the most power full air purifier available on the market.
It can efficiently clean an area up to 100sqm.
(Selling at P38,000)

Contact our offices for more information or inquire about industrial air purifiers:

Singapore tell: 67434222

Philippines tell: 490 3030

Monday, December 21, 2009

Home scenting - ambient scent

Air & Odor Management (Scenting Asia) is the exclusive distributor of Prolitec AirQ scenting units for Singapore and the Philippines.
Our offices offer the AirQ100 for home, appartment and small store scenting. The unit is fully programmable and adjustable, safe and eco-friendly scent diffusing system that delivers a fresh scent of your choice and since many of our scent also have odor neutralizing components in them they could counter act foul odors in the air.

Scenting via the AirQ100 is the only way that all the scent will reach all corners of your room. Our diffusers produce micro droplets that are so fine that they are lighter then air making them float in your room, reaching all areas and leaving a pleasant scent for up to 14 hours. This unlike conventional aerosol sprays where the mist is heavier than air and will drop to the floor within 2 minutes.

The AirQ100 can perform well in an area up t0 100sqm.

For the AirQ100 we have over 20 different scents available. Each cartridge is 75ml and can last a very long time.

Since the AirQ100 is fully programable: for example 8am - 6pm daily when you are using it in your office or board room, or a different setting programmed for when you come home from a long days work. Scenting 7 days a week for 12 hours daily - each 75ml cartridge can last anywhere from 1 month up to 10 months making the AirQ100 the only whole room scenting unit available on the market today

AirQ100 unit + 1 free scenting cartridge:
Additional scenting cartridge S$110 or P2,980

Air & Odor Management Sales office.

51 Ubi Avenue 1#01-01 Paya Ubi Ind Park
tel: 65-67434222

conservatory building
605 shaw boulevard, Mandaluyong city
tel: 490 3030

Air & Odor Management now in the Philippines!

Air & Odor Management, the leader in indoor air quality and odor control from Singapore has recently started operating in the Philippines.

It has its Sales office located at 605 Shaw boulevard, Mandaluyong city. tel: 490 3030

Welcome to Scenting Asia blog

Scenting Asia is a division of Air & Odor Management.

Air & Odor Management is a fully integrated air solutions company head quartered in Singapore.
Our services promote and encompass all aspects of clean air living, from diagnostic assessment and odor control to air purifying and ambient scenting.

We believe the benefits of clean and healthy air not only enhances quality of life, but increases work productivity when offices and commercial buildings are free of harm full air pollutants and foul odors.

Our consultants work to meet your specific needs; Our clients list include offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, factories, and many other residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Here at AOM our philosophy is a great life begins with clean air.

Let us help care for the air you breathe.

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