Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scenting the Azure model units of Century Properties

Scent marketing is a power full tool to increase sales, especially impulse buying for retail outlets, boutique stores or in this case condominium model unit scenting.

A pleasant fragrance will make people happy and increases the chances of potential customers to choose your property over others. A nice scent like Chocolate Chip Cookie or Pepper Mint Latte will create this warm and homey feeling.
Scent fragrances like Relaxing, Balancing or Refreshing Lavender will set a light and intimate mood.
Fresh clean and Fresh Cotton fragrances for the nice and clean hotel room.
Bring the outdoors in with Marine Fresh or Saw Grass (fresh cut grass scent)

Whatever scent you are after, we are sure we could help you out.

Scent Matters!