Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Air & Odor Management has placed a few "hidden" scenting units in restrooms of shopping malls, casinos and hotels.

Easily hidden in the air con ducting and the scent will come out unknown to the public, giving each restroom a nice and clean scent. Various scents to chose from are; fresh air, fresh clean, cotton, lavender, lime blossom and rose peony to name a few.

Our AirQ210 can be wall mounted or hidden as some of our customers don't want the public to know how they keep their restrooms so clean and fresh smelling.

The AirQ210 and 510 for even larger areas are available for rent.

Please contact Air & Odor Management, website link on the right

Monday, January 11, 2010

Restaurant Scenting

Scenting for restaurants to create a pleasant ambiance, to remove foul odors like newly paint, old interiors, stale air, or bothering food smell.

Most of our scenting cartridges have odor neutralizing components that will counter act with foul odors.

When The Frazzled Cook was about to open we introduced the AirQ100 to them with a cucumber mint scent. The owners liked the scent right away. Besides creating a pleasant feeling when entering the restaurant it would remove the new paint smell.

We were be able to remove the paint smell at the first day of operation making the place look and smell fresh and new.
Since our scenting units are computerized we are be able to adjust the scenting level so that it will not overpower the nice food smell coming from freshly baked paella and delicious pastries and breads.

We make sure that the chosen scent suits the establishment, the right age group and clientele.

Scenting is an affordable way to take care of a potential big problem because most customers don't complain, they just don't return leaving you guessing what happened, why don't i have the customers that others do!?

Remember that smell stays in the memory of humans the longest of all the 5 senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste

Spending to create a pleasant ambiance for your paying clients will all be worth it.

All of this is part of Scent Marketing

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Smell is one of the most important senses, it’s proven to be linked to the memory and feelings part of the brain.

Science has shown that humans are actually able to recall 35% of smells and associate them to particular memories or situations.

Compare this to our capability of only being able to recall 5% of what we read. That’s why the olfactory marketing / scent marketing is gaining more ground within corporate marketing strategies.

The marketing of smell is relatively new, because until recently, ads with aromas used to be exclusive to the fragrance industry and cosmetics. Increasingly though many businesses in a wide range of sectors are investing their marketing budgets in to scent marketing, aiming to attract customers and also gain a competitive advantage in the market.

All major casinos, hotels and shopping malls in the US know the power of scent.

Scent can increase impulse shopping, it makes players stay longer on the casino tables. Customers spend more time in the malls boutique shops and restaurants. More time spend can mean more money spend, surely customers prefer to talk about a nice scented mall or shop rather than a normal store.

Slowly the POWER OF SCENT is coming to Asia and we already see major shopping malls in Singapore and Japan getting into scenting to increase shoppers spending and to become known as the NICE MALL.

AOM Industrial Air Purifiers

AOM Ceiling Air Purifiers:

AC-680R in ceiling and AC 705DR drop mounted model.
both service an area of 80sqm.
Pre filter, electronic cell, carbon filter, UV+TiO2
(remote control)
Power full air cleaner and at the same time quite in operation.

installed in all branches Pepper Lunch and Chili`s restaurant in Greenhills among many other restaurants, bars, call center
and hotels.

Odor remover; tobacco, cooking.... The best air purifier available on the market today.

AOM Standing Air Purifier P800R

Most power full portable air purifier available.
Coverage area up to 200SQM
Pre filter, electronic cell, carbon filter, UV +TiO2
(remote control)
Widely used in various industries, factories, casinos and other large smoking areas.