Sunday, December 11, 2011

All Flip - Flops Havaianas stores

We do exclusive store scenting for all the stores of All Flip-Flops in the Philippines.
Are you a retailer interested to have your store scented? Give us a call at 717 0884 or 490 3030 Email us at:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Apple scent in the Apple store Beyond the Box

We recently installed store scenting for the newly opened 2nd location in Manila of the Apple "Premium reseller" store Beyond The Box located at the premium ONE Rockwell in rockwell center.
For scenting inquires please contact or call our office at 717 0884, 490 3030 and look for Joseph, Marvin or Edith.

Home & Office ambient scenting unit

Our table top AirQ150 has arrived just in time for the holiday season! This unique scent machine uses essential oil and micro misting system to disburse its fragrance.
Our AirQ150 scent unit is good for an area up to 70 square meter. Perfect for your condo entrance, boutique store, bathroom, meeting areas such as board rooms, spas, etc. Common scent fragrances are; fresh clean, relaxing, balancing, lavender, fresh cotton, lotus flower etc.
Play full fragrances like chocolate chip cookie, soothing vanilla, mojito, pink grapefruit Only available through our office: contact Air & Odor Management at tel: 717 0884 email: Retail price for the AirQ150 is P15,000 per unit. Buy 3 units P12,000. Buy 10 units and up P10,000. Retail price for the scent cartridges: P4,200 per piece. Buy 3 pieces P3,900. Buy a lot P2,900.

Ambient scenting for House of Laurel

Contact Air & Odor Management Philippines: Tel: 717 0884 or 490 3030 email:

The Ashop Eastwood mall scenting

Contact Air & Odor Management Philippines: Tel: 717 0884 or 490 3030 email:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can Ambient Scent Enhance the Nightlife Experience?

article: Dutch scientists recently found that when they dispersed pleasant fragrances into a nightclub, the people in the club danced more, rated their experience as more enjoyable, and even thought the music was better when compared to evenings without the added fragrance. Fragrances tested were orange, seawater and peppermint. No significant difference in results was found between the three scents.
We at Air & Odor Management definitely agree on this! Check it out yourself or should we say "smell it out yourself" at the SEVENTH HIGH CLUB

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas feel at the Power Plant mall

This is the 2nd year that we help the Power plant mall at Rockwell center create the best Christmas feeling possible by scenting the mall entrances and christmas tree with our pine tree fragrance.
Fresh pine scent coming from the beautifully decorated christmas tree to make the festive season complete! We also have the pine scent in small 90ml cartridges (AirQ100 scent unit) for home or office use. Contact Air & Odor Management office at 470 9816 or 717 0884 or email us at

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hotel in-room ambient scenting

The latest trend in Hotels is not only to scent the lobbies, business center or bathrooms. We now have several upscale and boutique hotels that do in-room scenting.
The scent will be captured by the guest when entering the room, but set light enough that the scent is just there and sleeping is comfortable. The fragrance will make the room smell pleasant all the time. There is a wide variety of scent fragrances to choose from; refreshing lavender, marine fresh, balancing or fresh cotton are just a few that are liked by hotel guests.
A relaxing fragrance set at a low setting. We use the table top AirQ100 scenting unit. this scent unit is only available through Air & Odor Management or Scenting Asia in the Philippines. Contact us now! Air & Odor Management at 490 3030 or 496 3204 or

Office building scenting

CVC LAW OFFICE in The Fort recently occupied their new building.

Areas installed:
a) entrance lobby scenting
b) 6 floors of lift lobby scenting
c) 30 restrooms
d) gym and yoga area
e) executive restaurant

Scents used: Citrus Tea, Marine Fresh, Refreshing Lavender

Contact Air & Odor Management Sales office, tell: 490 3030

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Three different areas, three different scent fragrances.

The Hottest Club in Town.
Fort Bonifacio high street.
Global city - Makati

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scenting the Azure model units of Century Properties

Scent marketing is a power full tool to increase sales, especially impulse buying for retail outlets, boutique stores or in this case condominium model unit scenting.

A pleasant fragrance will make people happy and increases the chances of potential customers to choose your property over others. A nice scent like Chocolate Chip Cookie or Pepper Mint Latte will create this warm and homey feeling.
Scent fragrances like Relaxing, Balancing or Refreshing Lavender will set a light and intimate mood.
Fresh clean and Fresh Cotton fragrances for the nice and clean hotel room.
Bring the outdoors in with Marine Fresh or Saw Grass (fresh cut grass scent)

Whatever scent you are after, we are sure we could help you out.

Scent Matters!